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Putian has passed ISO9001 international quality management system. All products among the system are guaranteed, controlled and carried out.

Putian will provide the following warranty for any product problems not caused by human errors or force majeure. Putian provides 2-year warranty for controller in case of quality problem. Putian provides technical guidance and will respond your question in 24 working-hours. 


A. Putian will not be responsible for any damages caused by natural disasters including earthquake, flood, thunder, fire, etc. nor shall it be responsible for damage or loss from theft, accidents, or improper use.

B. Utilization of only Putian’s authorized parts and components. Putian should not bear any responsibility for any damages caused by components from other suppliers.

C. The solar light controller shall be installed in accordance with Putian’s installation instructions. Putian shall not be liable for any damage caused by any violations of the instruction.

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