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80W MPPT solar controller with LED driver

CLM12/2410LI-80W is solar controller for LED solar street light adopting MPPT technology. The max tracking reaches 99.95%. The max conversion efficiency reaches 96%. this controller can improve the charging conversion efficiency by 15%-20%.

Besides MPPT technology, this product also integrates solar controller and LED driver in one. This can help customers save the cost of LED diver.



1. Advanced MPPT algorithm with the max. tracking efficiency of 99.95%

2. realizing peak conversion efficiency 96%

3. Light controlling, time controlling and output current adjustable in 4 time intervals.

4. Integration with LED driver. So the led light can’t have driver.

5. Automatically recognize voltage.

6. full protection function

7. Temperature compensation to battery

8. Excellent waterproof protection

9. Standing high/low temperature: our controller can work stably for a long time at the temperature from -35℃ to 60℃

10. Optional function one: the controller can automatically drop load’s power when battery is lower than 12.5V/25V. This function let the lights work for longer days in rainy season.

11. Optional function two: the controller can adjust the working time automatically in different seasons. In winter, the working time becomes long, while in summer, the working time becomes short automatically.



   Input voltage


   Output voltage

15-70V (12V system)

29-70V (24V system)

   Self consumption  


   Max. charging current


   Max. output power


   Max charging conversion efficiency


   Max discharging conversion  efficiency


   Output current error


   Output current

150mA - 2800mA (adjustable)

   Max. solar panel

130WP(12V system) / 260WP(24V system)

   Max. solar panel voltage


   Working temperature

-35℃ ~ 60℃

   Working mode

Light controlling, time controlling, output current adjustable in 4 time intervals

   Over-charging protection voltage

14.5V/29.0V(normal temperature,with temperature compensation)

   Under voltage protection

Users can set it according to their needs (factory default 11V/22V)

   Exit under voltage protection

Users can set it according to their needs (factory default 12.5V/25V)

   Shell material







12V system: Solar LED light with max. 50W LED light (LED should be 15V-70V)

24V system: Solar LED light with max. 70W LED light (LED should be 29V-70V. But when LED is 30V-33V, LED can be 80W)


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